Thursday, September 30, 2010

For all it's flaws

DSC_0768.jpg, originally uploaded by drackar.

I like this photo. Despite the large over-saturation burn in the middle, and the lens shake.

i don't know why, but I do.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I photograph people? Really?

Well, sometimes, anyway.

Taken at Folsom. etc. I was really not on the ball that day...But yeah, I got a few decent ones. This should not require any "adult warning" as hey. Nothing is actually exposed. Sideboob is not a crime. 

So, Flickr's being strange.

I'm slowly going through and editing all the old posts. See? I do care what you guys think. Kinda. A little.

I'm going back through and changing the images. I'll do em all eventually, but it's a bit tedious, and frankly I have pleeenty of other stuff to do.

As for the last picture. It's a reflection in cloudy glass. It's a picture of my shoe because that's what was in frame when I saw it. And If you don't like the color...frankly, I agree with you. That is one ugly bathroom.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ghost shoe

DSC_7278.jpg, originally uploaded by drackar.

So. This is a photo.

Note the smaller watermark.

Note the ghost-chuck.

Lightroom+flickr LIE

So, in view of complaints, and the fact that my watermark is a URL, not really a "OMG don't steal my shit" sort of deal, I went and changed my watermarks.

My understanding was, I could apply the changes to the watermark in lightroom. export said images to flickr, and replace said images.

Which is true, as far as that goes. But it made new image posts. Instead of modifying the old images.

which means every fucking photo in my block? EVERY SINGLE GODAMN ONE? Is not showing.

Now, do I re-post, or edit...guh.

As you can't actually read replies in the post..

In order
Bubblegum chick Steve : Yeah. That's why I leave it there. I just want people to know "oh hey, it came from that blog, I should go check it out"
Deep Thought: I don't really want to do any sort of massive watermark in the middle, or anything. if people are going to re-post the work, they are going to re-post the work. And it's whiteish gray. Not exactly a bright color.
Adplus: So maybe a slightly larger font size, at a higher transparency?
Mustang Steve : Copyright laws do exist, lawsuits just aren't my style. But that's not why I have the watermark. I just want people who save and re-post or link my image to include the link on the image, so f if anyone sees it and goes "hey, that's cool" they will know where to go to see more.
The Loon: I add the watermark as part of the export process. I'm not going to spend the time it would take...I know it sounds lazy. And hey. I am lazy. But to customize the watermark for each image requires thought. "oh, it won't look so bad here" and "it should be this color or that color".

RE the watermark.

It's a tiny little text mark in the bottom corner. Many photographers have a huge 50% transparency over the middle of the image...

I'm not posting my images on the internet without ANY kind of watermark. This is kinda slim protection as it is. What do you suggest i do? Any reasonable ideas will be considered.

For your safety, the lights never go out.

Please stay within the pool of light at all times. Count your shadows. You should only have one shadow per light source. In the event of an additional shadow, seek medial help immediately.

Dirty no good so and so's.

There's a bit of construction going on at the place I'm living. While X part of the house is disatached, the homeowner is having insulation put in. Older house, only insulated where there's access...which isn't much, unless there's some construction going on.

So she's decided to start installing Denim. It's a great noise canceler, it's healthier, and it's more expensive. She's already payed for it. i go out and what do I see laying beside the house? Cheep fiberglass. Which is not healthy, not as good a noise insulator, AND about 30% cheaper.

On the upside, I just earned myself a couple months of free rent for catching it!

Monday, September 27, 2010

A bit easier


More shadows and light. But other things, too.

Reflections in shadow


Yet another abstract bit of reflected sunlight on shadow, just as the sun is going down.



Also taken at Folsom.

I was taking pictures of some strange dude in a kilt, and this girl walked in front of me and started posing.

So I took a few photos. Note duck face and genuine non-photoshoped lensflair!.

Just because Randy loves them so much!


This one's just for you, buddy!

Look, it's Waldo!


I found him, I found him! he's right next to the leather bottom and right in front of the creepy guy without pants!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Long day. Went to the Folsom street festival. Huge leather/bdsm event in San Fransisco today.

I'm sure one or two of the pictures I took can actually be posted here, too.  I had a bit of a adlib photoshoot with a friend of mine in a couple of closed off side streets.

Working on figuring out what's good, what's crap, and so on. Might or might not have anything new up tonight.

Ferns in the cracks


Some little ferns growing out of a crack in a rock covered in moss.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A forgoten chair.


Also in a remote, dark cabin, is a chair.

I wouldn't recommend sitting in it to open the box, though, as it's most likely covered in rat crap.

In a dark room, in a small cabin, far far away.


Sits a box. And in that box is the answer to the question you don't even know you need to ask yourself.

Yo. Wassup.


So yeah. i have this picture of a squirrel. He's happy.

That's about it, yeah.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ivy by a wicked green glow.


This invasive vine, with a bit of lighting from the fountain. At least it's a pretty pest.

Red light

This looks simple..some sort of artificial light source or sunset.

It is, in fact, a mix of both. Sunset, reflecting off a cars brake light.

Random graphiti


yet another "not awesome" image I want to show you guys.



Older reverse lens macro photo I took sometime last summer.

This is why I love dollar stores


See, I go into dollar stores all the time. Cheep candy, glowsticks, disposable tools, artfaggy shit. I get most of my bandages and such from there as well, for that matter.

This is a photo I took at a check out line a while back. You have condoms. Pregnancy tests, Eye drops, hangover cure, and pain pills. And various normal things. In the impulse buy section.

in my attic


Just saw this sticking it's head out of my attic. What the fuck, man?

Thursday, September 23, 2010


It's a spider.

it's friendly, I think. It waved at me.



I'd imagine very few people know what this is. Do you?

This is what happens when you over-water your tomatoes.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The empire wants YOU!


Taken about a week or so back at a street festival.

Someone just asked today wither or not a photograph was taken by me. The answer is yes. As yet, the only material posted NOT by me is that youtube video a few days ago. If I post something that is NOT copyright my own damn self, I will say so.

This is a personal photography blog, more than anything else. I imagine it will stay that way. Every image I post I have the full legal right I generated it myself.

The first 50!

In less than a week i've already made fifty new friends! that is so amazing. I hope you are all having tolerable humpdays!
So. I'm trying to make one of those "icon" things. I thought it was the "photo" thing in the profile editor. I'm failing. What the fuck am I doing wrong?

Freshly washed


Fresh, glistening with moisture, organic and ripe.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shadows and light


This image was taken as the sun was setting...this is not the image I went to get my camera for, and this image was gone a moment after it was taken, and the shadows were gone.

Little frog little frog


Some little frogs in a gigantic terrarium at the California Academy of Sciences. Place is awesome.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Blogger lingo

It's a very friendly supportive community.

Interesting group of people I've found so far. So many different talents and interests. A wide community, and all so very friendly.

Thank you all for your support and friendship. It's good to meet people that are know. open to new people!

A test


A test, a step in the direction to a goal.

Is this meta?


Or just funny?

this fire


Was well contained, thank you very much.

digging through old photos.

Sunday, September 19, 2010



Taken off the end of the bart platform at civic center.

I'll be doing my checks later tonight, still a bit groggy.


That was both better and worse than expected. On the one hand, I didn't black out while I was getting the piercings done.

On the other hand, I DID have a near black out phobic freakout event on the train home. And now I feel like warmed over crap.

Wish me luck.

Today I brave my needle phobia to go get jabbed. twice. in the nipple.

Hopefully I don't black out like a bitch.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

In the tunnel between here and there.


Yet another image from the walk. I haven't really had time to go out and shoot today.

I might tomorrow, we'll see. My old landlord delivered a few items to me today, including a few of my old photo-props, so I might look into getting a model to shoot with. We'll see how that works.

In darkness


Last night, I walked. And walked. And ended up on top of a large rock, with a view of all around for miles. And there were these people. And I took a photo of them...I want to say this was a one second exposure, but I'm not sure. Something around there.

Green light special


A flicker caught in time. A broken light outside a building somewhere. It took about six shots to get one where the light was actually lit.

Lines and angles


Uh. Beep. Leave meaningful message after the tone.

More bad photography!


Yup. You heard me. I admit it. I will be uploading bad photos. Good photos. Whatever I think is interesting.

As I was out walking


I went for a walk. Took some pictures. nearly got kicked out of safeway for trying to take pictures of 4 inch thick frost on the ice cream...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Flower by daylight


Holly shit. it's a picture taken during the day. What the fuck? hax.

Mash Em; Boil em; cook em in a stew!


Potatoes. Gotta fuckin love em.

A strange mix


On top, a beer can left out to be recycled by some homeless person. In the can, a cut off steel cable from someones stolen bike. A bit of give and take.



While walking back to a bus stop from a community printing press I just started volunteering, I saw this guy popping out of someones yard.

So, idiot that I am, I took my camera out in the middle of a very bad neighborhood and snapped several pictures.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cat adopts squirrel. Squirrel learns to purr.

4'th of july part two of...


And this is actually one of my favorite pictures from that night. This ominous green glow just works for me.

Fireworks! part one of..


As I posted a photo on the way to the fireworks display, I figured I'd post a couple taken at the display itself. I was a little to far away, and as you can see there were low clouds. Still, some of the photos turned out well.

A little to eager to cross


So, to tide you over, something that's been floating around the laptops hard drive from the 4'th of July.

I was on my way down to the Berkeley Marina to photograph fireworks on the 4'th...didn't go so well. But as I was walking, riiight as I reached the train tracks, I saw this....Guy was just a little over eager.

Backing up my photo library.

So the external hard drive I store m y photos on just started making interesting grinding noises...I'm mid-process for copying the files, and when they are done I have to re-import the RAW files into lightroom. Should be a fuuun way to spend a few hours.

So, this blogging thing, eh?

This blog is most likely going to be a collection of rambles, photos, and links to things that I find to be interesting.


DSC_5976, originally uploaded by drackar.

The other night there was a power outage. I went out, and this is what I found.