Tuesday, September 28, 2010

As you can't actually read replies in the post..

In order
Bubblegum chick Steve : Yeah. That's why I leave it there. I just want people to know "oh hey, it came from that blog, I should go check it out"
Deep Thought: I don't really want to do any sort of massive watermark in the middle, or anything. if people are going to re-post the work, they are going to re-post the work. And it's whiteish gray. Not exactly a bright color.
Adplus: So maybe a slightly larger font size, at a higher transparency?
Mustang Steve : Copyright laws do exist, lawsuits just aren't my style. But that's not why I have the watermark. I just want people who save and re-post or link my image to include the link on the image, so f if anyone sees it and goes "hey, that's cool" they will know where to go to see more.
The Loon: I add the watermark as part of the export process. I'm not going to spend the time it would take...I know it sounds lazy. And hey. I am lazy. But to customize the watermark for each image requires thought. "oh, it won't look so bad here" and "it should be this color or that color".


  1. Watermarks detract from the pic, in my opinion. But hey, I'm not an artists who has to deal with people copying my shit without giving me credit XD

  2. good blog dude, try to avoid wall of texts though. :<

  3. That was a good photographic ramble over there! Kudos!

  4. whats wrong with a watermark in the corner?

  5. that guy who is telling you to forget the watermark is a fool