Monday, December 27, 2010


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So, took this while out and about somewhere. Look ma! The garbage truck's on fire! Wonder what happened.

And at Les. No, it's not a food blog...though I do eat, and sometimes I like what I eat enough to take a picture.

As for the 'can't cook" Trust me. I used to be like that. Cooking is easy. Have an oven? Get a quality meat thermometer. Get some good recopies. Go get a crockpot. I recommend this Hamilton Beach 33967 Set 'n Forget 6-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker . It's less than $50, and you can cook any number of things in there...If you don't get that model, make sure you get one that's programmable. You do not want something with a dial...A programmable crockpot you set for the time you want, it cooks, and nothing gets burned..and you can be cooking while out of the house all day after ten-twenty minutes of prep. Go get a two-three pound chunk of beef. Cheapest chunk of roast in the store is best for this. Brown it. Chop up some potatoes, toss in a can of cream of mushroom soup. Set for five hours. Congratulations, you're a cook.


  1. I agree cooking is easy :D. There are many resources online that can teach you, ask friends/family, etc. If you fail you'll have to throw it in the garbage like in the picture lol.

  2. cooking is easy in theory :D but you must work on it to be good in cooking :)

  3. As said, cooking is easy and fun if you make it that way!

  4. Oh good, I was a little worried there. Although, as long as you keep taking rad pictures, I wouldn't mind if they kept a culinary theme.