Friday, March 4, 2011

New followers?

So, two things. First, Devon...Most of the graphiti I find is in very out of the way places, or tucked into corners. The John Lennon bit for example is literally by the train tracks, on the back of a factory, in an industrial part of town.

Secondly...I've gotten a few new followers, who don't have their blogs listed in their profiles. As such, I have no idea what your blogs are to check you out. So tell me, please. Same goes for anyone who's following me that I missed, somehow. let me know. It's not intentional.


  1. Most of the graffiti around my area is the same way in abandon places, constructed areas, by train tracks, behind buildings. It's really hard to find stuff out in the open.

  2. The best grafitti i've seen is when I've being out in Spain in large open areas near roads and along a train which was quite impressive really.

  3. They might not have blogs, and simply just be people using the account to make finding interesting blogs easier.

  4. please stop saying graphiti,
    if its latin its incorrect,
    if its english its incorrect too

    it should be graffiti.
    sounds gay but it is.

    graphium is handwriting.
    thats it

  5. I posted about Mormon graffiti in Utah about a month ago. You should check it out.

  6. I've been following for a long time.