Monday, April 4, 2011


Someone asked what my last picture would look like in Sepia. The answer? washed out shit. In my opinion, MOST images photographed for color, look better _IN_ color. There are different things you look for in black and white, cyanotype, or sepia. It does look...ok. In a high contrast black and white, but I prefer it as it is. So there.

Also. Guys. What's with this posting links to your articles in other peoples blogs shit? We see your blogs. If we feel like it, we'll check them out.  I follow your blogs, and I SEE those posts anyway.

Post your articles on my blog...your comments get deleted. You loose any sort of view-ability of your blog from that comment, because that shit is fucking rude. People want to see what your blog is about? They click on your name, and then on your blog/blogs. It's quick, and it should be easy, if you do your shit right.


  1. I've got many of those on my blog too and most of them get deleted unless the text is an actual comment related to my post!

    I also think you forgotted to post the Sepia picture but whatever.. I also think it is better as it is in color. Keep up the good work!

  2. "It's quick, and it should be easy, if you do your shit right." Best advise! :D

  3. I agree. People who do things like "Nice blog! Now visit mine" are probably bots so I just ignore them.