Monday, October 4, 2010

Questions, questions.

Got a couple of questions on a few images...

No photoshop. I brought up the darks slightly in lightroom, but that only affected the shadows, not the color. Actually, it's a bit dimmer in the photo than it looked in real life.

Somewhere in Berkeley CA. Not sure exactly where.

The Loon.
Yes. I've taken every photo posted on this blog, as yet, and will state clearly if I ever post anything that is not my own work.

As for the comments on the pot roast from the mushroom haters...Skip the cream of mushroom soup and mushrooms, add a couple of carrots cut into wedges about two-three inches long, and add a little more water. The gravy isn't quite as good, but it's still fantastic.


  1. Cool! so no photoshoop xD and do you sell your photos or something? thanks!

  2. The photos are awesome, keep them coming!