Tuesday, October 5, 2010


For those who ask what you're supposed to be looking at...Anything, nothing. I liked the flowers, the house. Seemed interesting. The blur of the wood against the sky against the tree.

Lycosa. If I backed up an inch, you would have seen nothing but bare wood. The lens of the camera was pressed up against that crack..and the image wouldn't have worked any other way. And fuck the rule of thirds. It's a useful guidelines for some shots, that would have done nothing for me here... People keep harping "rule of thirds, rule of thirds, rule of thirds". Capture the image that's interesting. The rule of thirds, and other, less commonly parroted guidelines are just that. Guidelines. Tricks to help frame shots if you're having trouble.

I was focusing on the house behind, not the flowers and the foreground. Thus, they are blurry.

The image was shot through a 1/4 inch gap in a fence. There was literally no other way to shoot it. I could have centered the gap a bit, but as I was you know. Shooting through someones fence, I kinda didn't want to stand around all day...I don't like being arrested. 

Also, looking at a larger sized image, there isn't anyone in the windows.


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  3. disregard police acquire artistic photos