Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some things I'm noticing about the blogs I follow.

Things that irritate me about them, rather.

First, if you're going to copy and paste an article from another, very popular tech blog. At least give credit. I randomly see dirrect copies of blog posts from gizmodo, for example, with no credit.

Also, if you're posting images? Give credit. it's not your work, and the original creator, whoever it may be, might just want to get some of the feedback that's being posted about their work...I've repeatedly seen images saved directly from, among other websites, and uploaded on blogger.

And Captcha. Why the HELL do people use it? it's irritating, and makes posting comments and feedback on your blogs not worth the effort, most of the time.


  1. I read you on all levels brother. I myself am going to begin giving credit for images like I should have been from the start.

    you will see I stopped using pictures lately until I have my new format set up.

    and captcha? right again man, fuck those things and whoever uses them

  2. That's true, but as of the captcha thing, I haven't seen a blog that doesn't have it. O.o

  3. i think you shouldn't give a damn about it...
    it's not your problem, is it ?

    keep up the good work bro

  4. I have to agree with you on all counts. Especially the Captcha. People please disable captcha on comments.

  5. i should give credit for images more, i try never to copy big amounts of articles, just small copy pastes to Site my information.
    i dont have captchas on mine either

  6. I agree on all of this. :) The captcha especially. Grrrr

  7. i agree with every point. very annoying.

  8. I agree. I probably do need to credit images a bit more, though. But I'm definitely a stickler for crediting sources and articles. It's the historian in me. :P

  9. Captcha is a pain in the ass....